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 The Tree of Life (WRITINGS and PUBLICATIONS) 


Dr. Kenneth R. Fabre' is currently preparing several manuscripts for books, eventually to be shared with the Body of Christ. They will address topics and subjects selected and ordained by the LORD through the Holy Spirit.


We are excited and pleased to announce that Bro'Ken has completed the Second printing of his book entitled:  

"GOD'S PROCESS of Pulling Down and Destroying Strongholds through KINGDOM INTERCESSION."

This greatly anointed and helpful spiritual resource has been published and made available now in print, for distribution to the Body of Christ directly from this website.

The following Books on CD are available:

"Are you a Servant or A Bond Servant ?"
book on CD

"Pure and Correct Motives for Fasting" 
book on CD

"The Word of God, The Holy Scripture, The Bible, IS NOT A SACRED COW"
book on CD

"GOD'S PROCESS of Pulling Down and Destroying Strongholds through KINGDOM INTERCESSION"
book on CD

These spiritually nourishing resources are made available to you now in their respective abridged versions, in the form of Books on CD (Compact Disc) in a easy listening/study format. To obtain copies, contact us at (225) 279-1557 or E-mail us at

Meanwhile, we truly covet your earnest and continued prayers and Intercession for Bro'Ken as he seeks the face of God and the intentions of our Father's heart, while he endeavors to communicate to the Body of Christ what the LORD is saying to His people in these Present and End Times.

P.O. Box 776
Baker, Louisiana 70704

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