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 Silent Retreat (ADVANCES) 


The Concept:

POPAPIC Retreat-Advances are intended for the facilitation of spiritual exercises which enhance spiritual growth and keener perception of the Voice and Manifest Presence of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. Everything done at and during our Retreat-Advances is planned to encourage each Retreatant to receive from the Manifest Presence of God through quiet meditation, prayer and continuing conversion. This is a process, which unfolds also as result of the short scripture talks given by the Retreat Master-Servant. The acreage and grounds we use, the silence, the privacy, the accommodations and the meals served are all equally important and are purposely designed to assist Retreatants with the Lord's processing of each individual as He meets each one as He sees fit and knows best.

These silent Retreat-Advances are offered and encouraged by POPAPIC, Inc. They consists of approximately two (2) days of set aside quiet time consecrated to the LORD during which "nobody speaks to anybody but everybody can speak to God".

The vital and essential components of our Retreat-Advances are Rest, Private Prayer, Private Meditation and several short Scripture Instruct-Talks spread out over the Retreat- Advance time period. Retreatants are encouraged to partake of all that the LORD offers to them personally during this special time to be alone with Him in His Manifest Presence.

                       UPCOMING Retreat-Advances

                              TO BE ANNOUNCED    



"The POPAPIC Ministers and Leaders Retreat-Advance was a time our Lord performed mighty exploits in the hearts, spirits and ministries of His men who attended. This group of POPAPIC Men included Pastors, Ministers and Eelected Officials/Leaders who were all and each hungry for the Lord, His voice and His direction. He truly and intimately met us, touched us, placed His hand upon us and in many respects, revealed to us relevant aspects of His end time priorities for His Body. All expressed they would return next year and invite others as the Lord may lead them."

"The POPAPIC Retreat-Advance was attended by veteran men of POPAPIC as well as by a number of first timers from other parishes and the great state of Mississippi.  Each man confirmed that he received rest, refreshment, nourishment and instruction from the Lord's Presence. They all returned to their respective homes and churches advanced, spiritually, emotionally and physically. One brother from Canton, MS caught a huge bass from one of the on site lakes."

Please contact the POPAPIC office at 225-279-1557 or E-mail us at for details on dates, times and locations. 


POPAPIC Silent Retreat-Advance
for Ministers and Leaders



" I have been a Christian for over seventy (70) years. was saved at seven (7) years old. During my life God has taken me to the top of the hill, to the top of the mountain. I have been with Presidents. at the White House with George Bush, Sr., I have been at the National Prayer Breakfast with Nixon when I was President of the Louisiana Municipal Association. I met Dr. Billy Graham when he was in Baton Rouge. at the time he was young in the ministry and I was young in politics. I have been on many retreats, but God sent me to this one again for the second time at the very right time. The POPAPIC Retreat-Advance is by far one of the best I have ever experienced. I am 78 years old and I do not know how much more time God is going to give me, but whatever time I have left I am going to use it doing what God has commanded me to tell others about Him. I want to thank you Ken for inviting me."

Honorable Pete Heine
Former Mayor, City of Baker, Louisiana
for 20 + years

".This is my second one and I have truly enjoyed myself. At the first one we talked about waiting on the Lord. This time we dealt with the same thing but it seems we went a lot deeper.I'm able to understand and fully accept that we are to grow not so much upward, but we are to grow deeper in God. The food was just awesome, both the spiritual and natural food."

Pastor Ivan Ledet
Jubilee Nation Christian Ministries
Jeanerette, Louisiana

"I have a vision for the City of Baker, but I am at times a little impatient..... but what I need to do in my life is allow God to do it. God spoke to me that Baker is to be a model City so I am believing God.  I am just grateful to be here and thankful to walk with God, to be receptive and to have this time of quietness where I can hear from God."

Honorable Harold Rideau
Mayor, City of Baker, Louisiana

" Before I came here, I knew that if I would die I would go to Heaven. But I always thought there was something else that I needed. Before I came here I did not know what to expect. Once I got here the Spirit of the Lord started working with me in a way that He has never worked with me before. I learn to talk to Him and that the voice I heard coming back to me was not me talking to myself but it was the Spirit within me talking to me. when I went back to my room last night I got on my knees and to be honest, I cried like a baby because I got what I came seeking for."

Danny Edwards
Fire Chief, City of Baker

"When I got here I had a list of things I wanted to see God to move on or wanted some answers on.  On yesterday after the first or second session the Lord began to tell me what to do...systematically, everything I had written down for which I needed answers or solutions, throughout the course of the day God gave to me."

Elder Essau Wright


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