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POPAPIC REGIONAL YOUTH SUMMIT... Coming Soon...for Registration or more details contact 225-279-1557. Seating is limited.

Youth Receive Powerful Insight on Potential and Purpose at Summit

POPAPIC Founder Ken Fabre' continues his commission and mandate to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to the younger generations...Psalms 22:28, 30-31....Click Here for Full Article

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Age 15
North Blvd. Macedonia Full Gospel Church
Port Allen High School

"Praise and Worship is a way for me to get closer to God and express my feelings to Him and to be able to interact with Him in a beautiful way. Praise is something anyone can do. But it takes a relationship to Worship."

Age 21
Spirit and Truth Church
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

"I really enjoyed this Summit. I feel so blessed to have experienced this day and I'll never forget it. I enjoyed the sermons and teachings the most because I learned that it takes the four (4) W's ( wisdom, work, wealth then a wife) before you should find your soulmate."

Age 16
God' Children Ministries
Beliare High School

"Talking about Potential opened my eyes to see that I have Potential no matter whether I can see it or not."

Age 15
Abounding Love Ministries
Baton Rouge Magnet High School

"I really liked the video presentation on the destructive influence of secular music. We received a better understanding of the negative impact what it can and will have upon us."

Age 18
Spirit and Truth Church
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

"I really enjoyed and benefited from the Summit. I thank God that I was able to be here. My favorite part was when they showed us the negative influences of secular music videos upon our lives."

Age 14
God's Children Ministries
Beliare High School

"I liked the music, and the worship in dance. The video presentation has inspired me to maintain a straight path in my life and to avoid the spirit of phython."

Age 16
Place of Refuge Ministries
Livonia High School

"The teachings and the video presentation taught me that not everything that sounds good is good for me. I really enjoyed meeting other Christians my age"

Age 12
Crossroads Family Worship Center
McKinley Magnet Middle School

"Awesome. I cannot wait to come again and maybe go to Nassau for the BFM Youth Summit one year."

Age 9
Crossroads Family Worship Center
Shenandoah Elementary School

"OK. I see what my dad means now. Jesus is a King who has a Kingdom."

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