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 Implementation of Vision and Purpose 
  1. Focus on the youth of surrounding urban areas and rural areas while also ministering to peoples of all ages, races, and backgrounds.
  2. Preach, teach, illustrate, and express the principles of potential and purpose to both church audiences and secular audiences, to include but not limited to educational institutions.
  3. Promote and establish two primary conferences/summits annually, featuring speakers, seminars, workshops, and benefit concerts.
  4. Coordinate and establish fundraising events for the support of expressed POPAPIC purposes and objectives.
  5. Develop and maintain general scholarship fund/accounts
    1. To help persons and youth visit or otherwise become exposed to places, peoples and/or organizations, calculated to enhance and encourage the individual's particular God given and recognized gifts and callings and at the same time broaden his or her horizons, dreams and visions in a healthy and christian positive light and environment.
    2. To distribute wealth and assistance to other ministries in need and to the Body of Christ as a whole as directed by the Holy Spirit.
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