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Tuesday, July 29 2014

                  and PURPOSE of  PRAYER

Bro'Ken Fabre'     

This word “man”, when traced back to its earliest definition means ‘A creature who is designed to and desires to ask, seek, pray to, connect  to and communicate with his Creator.’  Therefore, to pray to and seek God is first and foremost what we were literally made and designed to be about. It’s in our DNA, so to speak.
Naturally and Spiritually, Man was and is created and wired to be:
DEPENDENT upon God (a vertical posture), and INTERDEPENDENT with others (a horizontal posture, both of which meet to form a Cross),… but Never Ever, INDEPENDENT of  or  from God. Incidentally, this is why God is never pleased with an Independent Spirit operating within His children or His sons and daughters, when it comes to anything having to do with His Church, His Body and/or His Kingdom.
Considering all of the above concerning the Definition of Man, GOD, in His infinite Wisdom, established the Principle, the Institution and the Requirement of Prayer, not only so that He can meet our needs when we often ask Him (man’s primary reason or motive for praying), but primarily so that He, if we cooperate with Him, can develop and mature us (His primary purpose for Prayer)… through the regular, routine and consistent Process of our COMING, COMMUNING, CONVERSING AND COMMUNICATING with Him. This Process is always initiated through Prayer. But ultimately, the fruit of a life laced with God’s consistent prayer and process, is Intercession in action. Intercession is what He is after, in and from His sons and daughters.  
Intercession =  is primarily a continuous walk of submissive obedience to the instructions, promptings and leadings of the LORD (thru the Holy Spirit).

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Bro'Ken Fabre'

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