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Friday, April 04 2014


BAKER, LA (NBC33) — The Baker community continues to mourn, nearly a week after a shooting at a party that ended with three teenagers dead and another charged with their murder.

Nearly a hundred people gathered Thursday near city hall for a candlelight vigil, to honor those young lives that were lost and pray for healing.

"We're here to focus vertically tonight for the tragedy that has happened, as a community, and as a parish," Ken Fabre said.

A large cross-section of the community showed up: young and old, black and white, citizens and politicians, praying together for ways to teach kids to love each other.

After the three teens were killed, there was talk of retaliation, including rumors of violence at school, based from of the anger people felt over losing their friends and loved ones.

"When tragedy hits, there will be a reaction," Bishop Johnny Young noted, "but there must be a response. And your reaction is what happens naturally: the weeping, the mourning, the crying. But your reaction cannot be your response. Your response will be what you do to fix a situation, to prepare that it won't happen again."

Along with their prayers, the people in the crowd sang songs of hope and promised to keep love in their hearts, so sadness would not find a way in.

"I charge everyone today to have that same mindset, to say 'we will not tolerate this in Baker. Not this type of darkness, not this type of activity, not this type of loss."

A fourth teen was wounded in the shooting, but is expected to recover. Earlier Thursday, Baker police officers arrested a security guard for firing two bullets into the ground in the wake of the deadly shooting. According to the synopsis of probable cause, Donnie Cavalier, 24, did not have a concealed carry permit, nor was he licensed to work as a security guard.

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