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Thursday, February 20 2014
Leadership is defined as the process of influencing others to accomplish a mission by providing purpose, motivation, and direction while preserving the integrity of the organization and the well-being of those who support you.  The question is how do you accomplish this in today’s social and cultural environment?  Biblically, we are living in what many call the “last days,” where people are departing from the truth of God’s Word, looking for the next best thing, and increasing in ungodliness.  Culturally, we are dealing with a generation consumed with and misled by media which drains from them the will to grow, develop, and succeed.  Socially, we are dealing with the challenges of broken homes, broken relationships, broken communities, and broken hearts.  When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, they lost more than their innocence, but they also lost God’s perfect order.

The Apostle Paul encouraged the young leader/pastor, Timothy, to do four things:  But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry (2nd Timothy 4:5).  I believe that the key to meeting the challenges of today rests upon strong, biblical, leadership.  As leaders, we must be a servant to God’s people, our community, and in our homes.  To best aid God’s people, a good leader must be an A.I.D.E. to the kingdom demonstrated by being the following
  • Accountable – Being someone that people can trust and depend on
  • Influencing – encourage people through your charisma and competency
  • Determined – be committed to plan, pursue, prepare, and to succeed
  • Equipped- train, develop, make full proof of your ministry
Renowned Christian Evangelist, Leonard Ravenhi says, “That world outside is not waiting for a new definition of Christianity; it’s waiting for a new demonstration of Christianity.” We don’t need new definitions, or a “new way of looking at church or Christ,” but what we need is committed leaders, committed to the challenge, committed to God, committed to the work of the ministry, reflecting the image and likeness of Christ.  Lead Well, Impact your world.

Dr. Kenneth W. Jones, Impact Leadership.
Chairman of POPAPIC Board of Directors
A Decade of POPAPIC, Inc. and the Year 2013 in Review

Since 2003, POPAPIC has humbly endeavored to be an instrument of Helps to the 'Body of Christ' as directed by the Spirit of the LORD, in Service to the KINGDOM of God by numerous, diverse and practical ways and means. [watch short Video Ad]

During the past four years of POPAPIC's existence, mission and vision, the LORD has continued to build a solid platform to further strengthen and unify the Kingdom conscious components of His Church and Body and to impact the market places, local and regional governments and other arenas and communities through the annual POPAPIC Servant-Leaders Summit-Conference.

Starting April 1st, 2013 the weekly "Calling To Know God" live TV outreach resource has been going into the homes of thousands of Louisiana families, and is viewed regularly by many people worldwide

The Year of Our LORD 2014 promises to establish many significant advances on behalf of the Kingdom of our LORD within the hearts, minds and spirits of many souls and within the affairs of men. POPAPIC, and its Board, would like to thank you for your previous prayers and love seed financial support.

To Help us continue to Help many others, we humbly request that you commit a small monthly love seed/donation of not more than $25.00 to POPAPIC through our secureGIVE link on the website or by mailing it each month to P.O. Box 776, Baker, La. 70704.

Bro'Ken Fabre'
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P.O. Box 776
Baker, Louisiana 70704

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