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Friday, January 11 2013

This past Friday, I along with Retired Judge Darrell White, President of The American Judicial Alliance, and dear friend, mentor and from Louisiana, spent about an hour visiting with and praying with Chief US District Judge Watkins of the US Middle District Court of Alabama, in conjunction with setting up a date to present to the Court a replica copy of the Harlan Bible, the original has been signed by every US Supreme Court Justice since 1906, and is kept by the curator of SCOTUS.

Later that afternoon, I spent the rest of the day at the Alabama Supreme Court after attending the Investiture Ceremony of Chief Justice Roy Moore, ( or perhaps his Re-Investititure depending on perspective). This was truly a spriritual experience for me that i did not exactly expect, especiallt once I realized that this geographical area is the place of

  1. the founding of the Confederacy and Civil War....
  2. 100 years or so later, the launching of the Civil Rights Movement, and
  3. about ten years or so ago, the birhting of the one of the significant battles in our Nation for our right as Christians to acknowledge God as He should be in the public square, our Courts and Governments.

Finally, and this was really the unexpected "icing" of my convictions, we were invited into the chambers of Justice Parker. We were greeted by he and his wife Dottie, when he immediately informed us with rejoicing, of the Ankrom v. State of Alabama decision, which had literally just been formally sent to him a couple of hours before. I didnt know much about the case at the time and did not know him. But he informed us of the fact that the Alabama Court had just ruled that 'unborn children deserve legal protection' and had been defined and described as "persons".

He memtioned Mat Staver had been involved. He told me after asking, that he had just seen to it that Alan Sears had been forwarded a copy of the entire opinion.

Below are a couple of pics, wearing my ADF tie of course, thanks to you guys and Alan Sears from the last Academy in June past.



I just needed and wanted to share this, because I was so encouraged to meet by Divine appointments, men and women in key positions, who love the LORD and who are in the fight for Religious Freedom, Sanctity of Life and Traditional/Biblical/Natural Marriage with us.

I thank God for all that you are and do in and for the Kingdom of the God and Father of our LORD Jesus Christ.


Bro'Ken Fabre'

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