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COME APART, or You Will Eventually COME APART

One of the greatest Leaders - Ambassadors of the Kingdom I have had the privilege to know in a measure and spend quality time with was Apostle Joshua 'Turnel' Nelson. He transparently stated to me once, the following about himself...

"If  I fail to come apart to be with Him,  I shall eventually, come apart."

His statement has ever since had a profound effect and impact upon my approach to God the Father and my continuing relationship-fellowship with Him and as a result of the leadership influences of Dr. Myles Munroe and Apostle Nelson, POPAPIC, Inc. (People of Potential and Purpose In Christ) was founded.

We in POPAPIC and ITWLA understand that our Leadership Domain emanates directly from the Purpose for which we were born. As leaders we were created and are constantly being developed and trained to serve the will and intentions of the Ancient of Days, while at the same time over the course of life, totally fulfill His particular leadership assignments designated to each of us individually. Ultimately, we are to rule, reign and administrate with Him in the expansion and establishment of His Kingdom here on earth and abroad.

There is no doubt, a desperate need in this global age, not necessarily for a greater number of intelligent or gifted leaders, but for deep leaders. However, a leader’s life marked by the evidences of depth can often only be cultivated during regular periods or seasons of time voluntarily spent in quietness, obscurity and solitude. In order to be truly effective leaders, we must possess certain dimensions of depth within our arenas of leadership. Therefore, quietness, solitude and even obscurity are vital necessities in this aspect of our continuing leadership development and spiritual training.

A perusal of the historical document called Holy Scripture shows that those used greatly… such as Moses, David, Joseph, Elijah, John the Baptist and Paul, to list a few… were first called and then prepared for their mighty exploits during time spent in quietness, obscurity and solitude. Most of them did not have the luxury of choice but were placed on their respective ‘Retreat-Advances’ by a set of divinely arranged circumstances. As leaders in today’s extreme paced global society, we must endeavor to regularly set aside time to be apart and alone with our Creator in order that He can further nurture and maintain the dimensions of deepness demanded by our purpose and by those for whom we are responsible.

Many of us as leaders must manage public lives no matter what our spheres of influence and responsibility. However, it is critical, as evinced from Apostle Nelson’s candid statement that we cultivate a hidden life as well, wherein we put into practice the personal discipline of coming apart for short or extended periods of time to be alone with Him. This is key, if we are to have true, monumental, and lasting effectiveness in our leadership.
Kenneth R. Fabre’, Founder-President of POPAPIC, Inc.
ITWLA  Member,  Louisiana, USA
P.O. Box 776
Baker, Louisiana 70704

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