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 About the Author 

Kenneth R. Fabre' (Minister + Servant-Leader + Juris Doctorate), is Founder and President of POPAPIC, Inc. He was given a burden, vision and assignment from the Presence of the LORD to introduce Christians to the Manifest Presence of God, wherein and whereby the LORD Himself can reveal to them personally the existence and magnitude of His Purpose and Potential for the life of each individual who endeavors to truly know Him.

Dr. Fabre', affectionately known as Bro'Ken, is an ordained minister of the Gospel called and assigned by God to the five fold ministry. He is an attorney with a private civil law practice. He is also the City Prosecutor for the City of Baker, Louisiana and serves as an Assistant District Attorney for the State of Louisiana, in and for the 18th Judicial District Court.

Bro'Ken is a grateful parent of five children, KhristKen, Judah, Joshua, Sean and Khrystyna.

P.O. Box 776
Baker, Louisiana 70704

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