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are Uniquely & Specially Designed to Address
Current, Relevant and Critical Issues Facing the Church
and Society through our Proven and Effective


Effectively Serving & Helping

POPAPIC is not a Church. Since its founding it has and continues to faithfully and effectively serve as a Help to the Church and Christ's Body in society.

POPAPIC would like to help and impact your Church, Ministry or Organization in any of a number of critical areas of need by providing Biblical based information, inspiration, training, resources and tools.

Experienced Staff / Panels

GUIDANCE FROM OUR EXPERIENCED STAFF / PANELS which we facilitate and provide to help you strengthen your existing ministries, ministry teams and staffs within your Church, Ministry or Organization.

Our Topic & Issue Appropriate, carefully picked panels are made up of highly experienced and skilled born-again believers from various professions and walks of life. They consist of spiritually mature, seasoned and highly compassionate true Servant-Leaders.

How Does It Work?

Our group of experienced / expert Servant-Leaders gather before an audience to expose, discuss, tackle, address and then offer real and practical Solutions for Critical problems and issues currently plaguing and negatively attacking men, women, children, families, communities, Churches and our society as a whole.

Current Offerings

POPAPIC Critical Conference Panels and Topics which are currently being offered and facilitated and are available to your Church, Ministry or Organization are:

Purpose & Potential of Children, Youth and the Next Generations Critical Conference Panel

Abuse of Women and Children Issues Critical Conference Panel

Law and Justice Critical Conference Panel

Body of Christ Ministry Gifts Critical Conference Panel

Medical-Nutrition & Divine Healing Critical Conference Panel

Government & Public Policy Makers Critical Conference Panel

Drugs, Alcohol & Substance Abuse Critical Conference Panel

Business & The Market Place Critical Conference Panel

...just to name a few.

P.O. Box 776
Baker, Louisiana 70704

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