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 New Release: "Closet Worship" CD 
What a joy to return home to your CD, "Closet Worship". Just listened this a.m. and it is a Great Blessing, carrying the anointing and Presence of the LORD.

- Penti and Helen A. | Intercessors | Yardley, Pennsylvania
Bro'Ken, the CD is so anointed....LORD have mercy. It has a quiet ushering in of the Holy Spirit. I had to hold back the tears and I am not grieving about anything! It is so easy to get in God's Presence! It's a winner!

- Albertha H. | Retired Educator | Zachary, Louisiana
It's a total blessing. I put it on repeat and played it overnight. I woke up rested and at peace. It gave me a peace that I haven't had in many, many  weeks. Thanks so much and God bless you!

- Lisa H. | Real Estate Broker/Intercessor | Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Dear and Fellow Kingdom Saint, POPAPIC Servant-Leader and/or Friend:

We are delighted to invite you to partake of this very helpful Spiritual Resource in the form of a simple Worship CD entitled, "CLOSET WORSHIP".

Bro'Ken has been encouraged by several of our LORD's Servant-Leaders and was prophetically mandated by the Spirit of the LORD to capture an anointed and raw portion of what he describes as, 'Prayer and Intercession thru Worship'.... then humbly make it available to the Body of Christ at large through this website.

This 1st Season or installment if you will, of "CLOSET WORSHIP" is approximately 30 minutes of continuous 'Prayer and Intercession thru Worship', specially intended and offered to assist those who Hunger for a greater measure of His Manifest Presence, to personally 'Come..., Meet..., Wait Upon and Minister Unto the LORD Himself ', even as He earnestly desires each of us to intimately seek Him regularly. Exodus 29:42-45

so, ....Welcome now, into Your "CLOSET WORSHIP", alone with the LORD.
Order Today! 

List Price: $7.50
Plus Shipping & Handling $2.50

Total: $10.00

P.O. Box 776
Baker, Louisiana 70704

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